10+ Bracelet Tattoo Design Male and Female

If you want a tattoo that can also act as an eye catching accessory, then you should definitely go for bracelet tattoo design. Bracelet tattoos are becoming more popular these days and are among the most requested tattoo design by both male and female tattoo lovers. There are various styles that suit almost any tattoo lovers taste. From exquisite lace to tribal style, almost any style of bracelet tattoos can make a great statement and would likely make you look more attractive. This kind of tattoo is also suitable for first timers. People who would like to get a small but eye catching tattoo could definitely go for this design. Bracelet tattoo could go well on the wrists or on the ankles. The main problem is that both are pretty painful and need some courage, especially for first timers. The designs could be easily combine with numerous details such as letters or symbols.

The oldest versions of bracelet tattoos are tribal bracelet tattoos, which usually in black color and appear quite flashy and masculine. Different styles for men are the barbed wire, chain and Celtic knot designs. Just like the tribal designs, these designs also have a masculine feel in them. For details, most men choose to go for masculine symbols such as anchor and cross, while women usually go for feminine characters such as leaves and butterflies. Even so, there are symbols that could work well with bracelet tattoo designs for both men and women such as feather, heart and key. Bracelet tattoos with symbols commonly come in small sizes and in neutral colors such as grey, black or brown. For bracelet designs, most women commonly go for elegant styles such as henna, lace or vine. If you like subtler designs, then you go for simpler shaped such as interlocked stars on either your wrist or your ankle.

1. Branch and Leaves Wrist Bracelet Tattoo

2. Reaching Out Branches Wrist Bracelet Tattoo

3. Flowers and Leaves Arm Bracelet Tattoo