10 Beautiful & Cute Long Prom Dresses 2018

While some girls prefer short prom dress to look chic and playful, some other girls prefer the long prom dresses to look more elegant and feminine. This is not a wrong decision especially if you love something classy. So, what does the 2018 trend say about this gorgeous looking dress? Well, good news girls! Long prom dresses are still everyone’s favorite. This full length gown is believed to bring such exquisite look to make all girls looking so beautiful and fabulous.

Not only is it suitable for prom or other informal party but also for formal party like wedding or evening dinner. It always exudes the air of charm and glamor into the atmosphere. Although mostly it looks elegant but it can be made sexy and wild as well like adding high slit. So, yes, it’s true that this dress is special and extra ordinary. With plenty selection of design and fabric, anything can be made true.

Inspired by the world’s most famous fashion designers, here are the most gorgeous look of the latest long prom dresses.

#1: Natural Chiffon Dress with Beaded Top and Sleeve

#2: Apricot Beaded Chiffon Dress with Short Sleeve

#3: Full Length Chiffon Blue Gown