10 Beautiful Nail Art Design Ideas Should Try On

Nail polishing is fun as you can swap one color to another, but have you tried nail art designs? Don’t you want to hit the road and meet up people with nice, well treated nails? As a matter of fact, designing nails is not a new modern art. You can trace it back to the ancient time of kings and queens.

You can adopt ancient designs like feminine flowers in gold or opt for totally contemporary arts like abstract. Your options are almost limitless, depending on your skill in applying a specific design on your nailbeds. Accessories like tiny beads, Swarovski, rhinestones, or pearls help improve the sophisticated look of overall design. Accessories, when they are applied in a correct way, also make your nails look expensive. The trick is to look at your ten finger nails, rather than one by one, as a complete work of art. You may want to tell a story on them or just apply colors and accessories for fun. Keep in mind that full accessories on every nailbed will ruin your elegance – you do not want to make yourself a clown.

If a home nail work sounds too tricky, you can hit a beauty salon. In fact, some salons today offer one specific service only: nail salon. People in the salon are professionals, to whom you can trust your nail work. Once you step out of the salon, you bet you will have the look on which every woman you meet envy. But if you are more adventurous, you will enjoy the time you spend on decorating your nails.

Decorating nails is a wild area worth exploring. When it comes to exploring ideas, there is no right or wrong. Below are some ideas to brainstorm.

1. Pastel dream catcher

Apply ombre pastel peach and pink on all finger nails. Draw a dream catcher with green feathers on each of the index finger nails, with one feather on each of the ring finger nail.

2. Fun pastels

Draw triangles in pastel pink and light blue on all finger nails. Use pastel yellow, purple, or black to enhance some selected lines.

3. Sparkling black

Plain black nail polish on all finger nails, except the ring finger nails. Draw ethnic design in pastel orange, green, black, and white on the nails.

4. Sweet monochrome

Apply white nail polish to all finger nails. Draw a dandelion on the ring finger nails, and all the florets on the rest finger nails –as if the florets flown away.

5. Golden monochrome

Get bold with monochrome: plain white, plain black, or stripes. Decorate with golden ornaments – lovely!

6. Blue on black

Apply black nail polish and then draw intricate design of artistic foliage, almost like tribal foliage, on all finger nails.

7. Fiery bright

Apply peach nail polish on all finger nails. Start drawing arty fire from the top edge of all finger nails. Use glittery gold, red, and black nail polish for artistic fire image.

8. Peach blossoms

Apply pale pink nail polish on all finger nails. Draw peach blossoms, along with the leaves and twigs. Leave the index finger and pinky finger nails in plain pale pink.

9. Simple monochrome

Apply base coat on all finger nails. Start from the top edge, draw intricate design in white with black flower. Leave the nailbed visible.

10. Red hearts

Apply base coat on all nails. Start from the top edge, draw white intricate design and red heart shapes – on each of ring finger nails: a huge heartand a bow with silver glitters.