10 New Simple Tattoo Lettering and Fonts Designs 2018

When it comes to words tattoos 2018, tattoo lettering and fonts are the two main things you need to consider. These days, many people love to put words tattoos on their bodies. Words tattoos are increasingly popular among tattoo lovers because this kind of tattoo can help them express themselves more as oppose to drawings. These tattoos can also works as reminder or self validation that you can look at every day. So, if you into words tattoos, it’s important to choose the words you want to put on your body wisely. Make sure the message you’re trying to say is relevant even when you’re getting older, since it’s going to stay there forever. It could be a single word, a sentence or even a whole paragraph.

After you figure out the words you want to use for your tattoo, the lettering and fonts comes next. Depending on your preference, there are a lot of font styles you can go for. Some of the more popular font styles are cursive, fancy, handwrite and typewriter style. These styles are quite popular because they look great and fit most words or sentences. It’s best to choose style that would match the words. It’s somehow feels out of place to use classic handwriting style for funny words or sentences. Beside words, symbols tattoos are also quite popular. Many people use symbols instead of words to get their point across. Just as words, symbols can say lots of things. For instance, some people put a heart and infinity symbol to say forever love.

#1. Self validation word tattoo in cursive font style

#2. Reminder word tattoo in fancy font style

#3. Book quote tattoo in fancy font style