15+ Unique Custom Turtle Tattoo Design

Finding a great turtle tattoo design that suit your preference won’t be so hard because there are many turtle tattoo designs in various styles. Turtle tattoos usually symbolize healing and protection. This is mainly because turtle is an animal that is able to tuck its head into the shell and somehow withdraw itself from the rest of the world. In tattoo world, turtles are known as creatures that have great strength, stability and stamina. Because most turtles live by the sea, turtle tattoos are relatively popular among people who live near the sea. These tattoos are shown in many different ways. In some tattoo designs, the turtle are shown in its natural environment, which is the sea water or other sea elements such as coral or sea sand. But because turtles are known as creature that can live in both land and water, turtle tattoo designs could be quite versatile.

As tattoo lover, you may aware that different animal tattoo symbolizes different meaning. The great thing about turtle tattoos is that it has many good meaning. Turtle can be a symbol of fertility, long life or immortality, determination, also stability and protection. Not to mention the fact that turtles always return to their home can also be a symbol of loyalty and fidelity. You see now why so many people are drawn into this particular tattoo design. In terms of style, there are plenty of styles you can opt for. You can always go for more realistic drawing, tribal or even cartoon. Depending on your preferences, the size is also varied from very small to large tattoo. Turtle tattoo can be place anywhere from your arm, shoulder, back or even the feet. Turtle tattoo is a great choice of tattoo because it is not only unique and eye catching, but it also has great meanings.

1. Back Turtle Tattoo in Polynesian Style

2. Feet Turtle Tattoo in Tribal Style

3. Small Size Shoulder Sea Turtle Tattoo