15 Various Ideas Tattoos Designs for Girls

Want to pick the best tattoo design for girl? There are a lot of attractive, feminine, and quite girly tattoos designs for female wearers. All these years, there are beliefs that tattoos are only for male, but there is a growing trend among women users where tattoos are getting popular. Not only these tattoos are included as their artistic values, they are also believed to improve one’s appearance.

Whether you choose colorful or colorless tattoos designs, keep in mind that the process of selecting the right design can be overwhelming and confusing. There are a lot of beautiful designs out there; and it is possible that you may be tempted to choose more than one. However, you should also consider your personality and characteristics, as well as hobbies and interest. For instance, if you are into horses so much, you can choose horse design. Here are some ideas and thoughts of creative and attractive tattoos for women – they are adorable in their simplicity.

1. Black and White Lotus with Darker Shade