16+ Awesome Acrylic Nail Art Designs & Ideas for 2018

Aside from clothes, hair and makeup, acrylic nail art designs 2018 is also among the most talked about fashion trends in 2018. Nowadays, styling for fashion shows doesn’t just involve hair and makeup, yet it also involves nail art, especially acrylic nail art. With its growing popularity, nail art has become an important element of fashion. That’s why there are more and more nail art artists and salons popping up everywhere in order to cater the growing demands. But if going to a nail art salon seems to be out of your budget, you can always beautify your nails in the comfort of your own home without spending too much money. To get the best look, you should first find out what the trends are.
This year acrylic nail trends involve nude colors, stripes and metallic hues. Black and white color is also popular as base color. In terms of stripes, you can go for either horizontal or vertical placements or both if you’re going for skittlette. Simple designs with nude nails and minimum styling is also quite popular these days. It doesn’t feel and look heavy, yet it still gives a cool vibe into your overall look. For those of you who love getting more attention, you can always go for heavier designs with styling such blinks, studs, glitters and flakes. You can also go for bold textures and colors with marble stamping, reverse stamping and ombre styling. It’s important to choose designs that best suit you as well as the occasions.

1. White, blue and pink skittlette with stripes and studs

2. Green and nude color nails with blinks and stamps

3. Green gradient nails with ribbon blinks and flakes