Best 9 3D Nail Arts Ideas That Are Actually Easy

If you have been working in a beauty salon or nail salon, you must be familiar with nail art design 3d. But if you are not, it is the right time now to get to know about the 3d nail art design. It is not so far different from the nail art you have been working with. In fact, you can actually work from the same design and then add dimension to create the 3d effect.

Developing familiar 2d designs into 3d ones can be your starting point. It takes practices to get satisfying 3d nail art, but there should not be any significant difficulties. You will be working on the same familiar canvas: nailbed. If adding dimension is a bit challenging, you can start with nail accessories. Swarovski, pearls, rhinestones, and all that can help you create dimension although they are all somewhat average in terms of art. After some time trying, you will have confidence to start drawing your 3d designs. Start from simple designs like flower or bow, add some accessories when you feel right, and then move to a more complicated design. Over time, your 3d designs will be getting more sophisticated and chic. At such stage, you can always explore more challenging 3d designs.

Now, you should have the confidence to build your 3d nail art works. On the other hand, if you have years of experience in 3d nail art, it is now the time to brainstorm more ideas. In fact, you need to enrich your 3d nail art ideas on a regular basis.

Either one, you need more ideas to brainstorm. Take a look at the following 3d designs of nail art.

1. Pink roses

Apply white nail polish with glitters starting from the top edge of all finger nails. Apply 3d pink roses on the index and ring finger nails. Add Swarovski and pearls.

2. Neon flowers

Shape the nails into stiletto tips. Apply black nail polish on the tips. Apply 3d flowers in various neon colors like blue, yellow, green, pink, and mustard.

3. Glam baby pink

Start with French manicure. Apply a 3d baby pink bow on each of the ring finger nails and Swarovski on the rest of the finger nails.

4. Bling monochrome

The base nail polish includes black, white, or pink. Draw all possible patterns of lines and 3d flowers on all finger nails. Then decorate them all with Swarovski.

5. Glitzy pink

Pink is the main theme. Match with white nail polish or cover the nailbeds with rhinestones, pearls, or 3d pink flowers.

6. Dark feminine

Use black nail polish for the black theme and pink nail polish for the feminine one. On all finger nails, match the two colors and then add Swarovski or 3d bows.

7. Golden gleams

Apply pale peach nail polish. Black for decorations, feather design on the index finger nail. Add Swarovski on the rest finger nails.

8. Bright custom

Combine ethnic design in dusty pink and white with Tosca and white on all finger nails. Add Swarovski to decorate the design.

9. Soft stiletto

Shape the nails into stiletto. Apply rhinestones on pink and pastel purple nails. Apply 3d flowers on translucent base coat nails.