70+ Best 3D Tattoo Designs 2018

There are some great ideas for 3D tattoo designs 2018 that you can consider if you are thinking about decorating your body. Unlike the 2D tattoo which is flatter without any depth, the 3D tattoo refers to the extra dimension. It provides the illusion there is something on the skin, within your body, or above the skin. In 2D tattoo, there are only length and height included whereas depth is added in the 3D style. The tattoo artists add up shading and shadow to create a real and rounded look. Naturally, the 3D tattoos take longer time to complete than the 2D type.

1. Flying Butterfly on the Shoulder

Butterflies are basically one of the most common objects chosen for the tattoo. And having a butterfly tattoo on the shoulder can really be an ideal way to decorate your body. The butterfly seems like flying on the skin, looking adorable and cute.

2. Simple Half Tribal Faced Wolf

This head of a wolf has quite a simple design, which is basically in black and white. But to add complexity to the design, half of the face is coming in tribal mode, adding depth and look to the overall design.

3. Big and Blue Tarantula

If you take a detailed look on the tattoo, you can almost see the soft hair on the entire body of the tarantula – which is super good. And it is blue, so it has its own appeal. Since the tattoo is pretty big, it is perfect for the legs or the arms, providing enough platform for the design.