70+ Best 3D Tattoo Designs 2018

4. Biomech Green One Eyed Crab

Biomech is the term that combines biology and mechanical elements, making a nice mix between something anatomical and robotic at the same time. With one eye crab design in green, the whole look is actually pretty unique. It is somewhat mechanical and yet edgy.

5. Blue and Red Spider

Do you remember the blue and red spider that bites Peter Parker in ‘Spiderman’? Well, this is basically the inspiration for this tattoo design. The spider is located on the shoulder, providing the illusion that it is walking around your shoulder.

6. Classic Black and White Scorpion

Scorpion is basically one of the most popular tattoo ideas, and it is commonly used to represent masculinity and manliness. And when you place the tattoo on the back of the neck, in black and white style, it creates a stylish look and design.