50+ Highlights for Blonde Hair Color 2018: The Greatest Picks

On the contrary to what you think, there are some appealing and unique highlights for blonde hair in 2018. Whatever color you have, it would be less appealing if the main color remains just like that. With the highlights, the hair color can be more attractive. It adds glow to your hair and it adds textures to your natural hair. Not only the blonde can be made more appealing, you can also consider having another alternative highlights for the hair. So, what are the options for the blonde hair highlights, anyway? And what kind of appealing picks that you can have?

1. Dark Blonde with Light Blonde Combination

Highlights Dark Blonde Hair Color 2018-2019


If you have a deep and dark blonde, you can consider having a lighter shade for your combination. You can have some layers of the light blonde so the mixture of the dark and light color hues will be appealing and nice.

2. Three Color Highlights for the Blonde

Highlights Blonde Three Hair Color 2018-2019


This blonde long hair arrangement is using three different color patterns and hues so the overall effect is nice and appealing. The first one is the rich golden honey hue, topped off with a rather brownish hue, and then the lighter hue.

3. Warm Deep Blonde with Brown

Highlights Blonde Hair Color 2018-2019 with Brown


This long blonde hair is looking stylish and fashionable. The major warm blonde has several layers of brownish hair streaks as the highlights. The overall combination and look is appealing in its own simple manner.