Angel Wing Tattoo Designs Unique Traits and the Versatility

You are probably thinking about having small angel wing tattoos on wrist. After all, such a design is generally super cute and it will attract attention in the most positive way. When you want to have a positive tattoo design that shows positive outcome to the people who view it, then what else is better than the angel wing tattoos? There are also other reasons why the such a design is likable and has become one of the most popular tattoo designs ever.

First of all, the angel wing tattoo is both beautiful and artistic but also Godly and somewhat divine. It isn’t about the angelic thing that matters but the symbol that these wings represent. The angel wing symbolizes a lot of positive things, such as bravery, strength, security, confidence, and also safety. Not to mention that the design is super versatile – you can place it anywhere on the body and it will look just absolutely beautiful and artistic. For instance, one of the most common designs and the placement is the angel wing tattoos on back for guys. It gives an effect as if there are wings growing on the back. However, having only one wing is also common. Some people would only have one wing tattoo on either of their back, arm, and even chest.

Generally, the angel wing tattoo is pretty cute and adorable. You can have the big or small design – if it is small, it is pretty cute. If it is big, it can be majestic. If you want to show it off and yet conceal it freely, the wrist tattoo can work wonders for you. And you can also consider having the foot tattoos designs, where the images can be placed anywhere you like: mostly on the ankle, on the foot, and even on your calf.

1. Small One Angel Wing behind the Ear

2. Unique and Subtle Angel Wings Tattoos on Both Shoulders

3. Full Size and Detailed Big Angel Wings on the Back

4. Full Angel and Her Wings on the Back