Animal Tattoo Designs 2018 Popular Option

Although these animal tattoo designs 2018 are believed to be one of the most popular options for tattoo lovers, there are actually plenty of animal themes to choose. After all, the animal theme has always been one of the most popular picks that most people like. Animals are always related to bravery, courage, masculinity, mystery, and also wisdom. In the old days, people believed in animal spirits and how they affected the universe and the surrounding nature. Ancient people also believed that when they decorated their body with a certain animal, the spirit of the animal will reside within them. Such a belief may not be applicable anymore in today’s modern era, but it doesn’t mean that the interest to the animal theme is waning.

1. The Tribal Elephant

It is not a regular and common elephant. If you see the design, you will see a full and a rather complex design. Elephant generally represents wisdom, and the complicated design only enhances the mystery of the design itself.

2. The Wolf and the Roses

It is interesting how the tattoo combines two different elements representing different characteristics: the masculinity and femininity. But as you can see, the design is able to combine the two elements in a balanced and harmonious manner.

3. The Blue Eyed White Tiger

From the design alone, you can tell that it is a white tiger – and it is not a menacing one. And interestingly enough that it comes with blue eyed arrangement – which creates a simple and subtle color combo.