Top 50+ Bayalage Hair Color 2018: The Many Different Options

There are some interesting trends for balayage hair color 2018, if you want to change your appearance. Unlike the Ombre, balayage hairstyle includes a more natural color combination to the hair. In Ombre, the color mixture is happening vertically, where the roots are darker and the color gets lighter to the end. In balayage, however, the mixture is more natural –somewhat similar to highlights. However, unlike the highlights that generally use only one color, the balayage is using more than one color mixture. If you see balayage hair blonde, you may also see the combination of brown, light blonde, and also dark blonde – usually set as the standard.

The idea is to create a natural hair outcome with sun-kissed effect. If you spend most of your times outdoor, you will see that your natural hair has different colors and hues. Let’s say that you have natural brown hair, if it uses balayage dark brown hair, some parts will have darker shade while some will have lighter hue. Some parts may have even slight different hues and such different shades. When compared to Ombre, the balayage is more natural because it doesn’t use any bleach or ammonia. So, what are your options?

1. Lighter Blonde with Darker Highlights

2. Brunette Style with Lighter Balayage Effect

3. Dark Brunette with Lighter Highlighted Streaks