10+ Best Curly Hairstyles 2017

Having curly hairstyles 2017 can be a great way to steal attention. After all, there are some great ideas for the best hairstyles for those who have natural curls or simply style the hair in the curls and ringlets. In the first example, the curls are just great to avoid boredom and simplicity. With long hair reaching the back, the curls are great to add textures as well as making the overall hair-do look stylish and unique. The curls can start from the middle – so it’s not coming from the roots – and work toward the ends in such dramatic styling.

Bushy Curls

The style worn by Rita Ora is one of the most unique hair-do. This style is perfectly suitable for those with naturally curly or wavy texture. The curls start from the roots and remain the same toward the ends. The effects will be dramatic and ‘bushy’ as the curls really add up the texture and overall look of the hair-do. The curls at the roots may seem flat, but it gets wavier towards the ends. Having two tone combinations can also add up the style factor. With two tones arrangement and the absence of bangs, the hair-do looks just great.

Feminine Soft Curls

This kind of hair-do is certainly perfect for those with long hair with fine and soft texture. The curls are wavy and big, and they can start either from the roots or the middle. This style is suitable for those who have naturally wavy or curly texture, or for those who want to add curls to their daily style. This hair-do is also suitable for any kinds of occasions, either formal or casual. The curls are coming in ringlets models that are just cute and adorable. When it is paired up with bangs, the bangs should be curled as well. It also looks great without bangs.

10 Best Curly Hairstyles

1. Curly Long Hairstyles with Layered Ends

Curly Long Hairstyles 2017 with Layered Ends

2. Messy Curly Medium Haircut with Center Parting

Messy Curly Medium Haircut 2017

3. Curly Long Black Hair with Layers

Curly Long Black Hairstyles 2017 with Layers