Top 8 Black Hairstyles 2017 Medium Length Hair

People with black hair and medium length texture can always make use of the available types of hair styles to improve their look. Basically, there are various hairstyles to try, especially for the upcoming 2017 trend. The medium bob has never gone old. Simply cut the hair in uniformed length for the front, side, and the back, and pair it up with the side swept bangs to achieve sophisticated and chic look in such simple way. This is best applied to those with naturally straight hair, but those with naturally wavy texture can also try it to achieve playful and adorable effect.

Over the Shoulder Layers

Layers can be a great option to make a very thick hair look smooth and soft. The layers will deal with the thickness in such stylish way without hassle at all. Cut the hair around the shoulder – or longer – and then styled it up with the layers. It can be thinner toward the end, making the hair looks fancy without too much work. Pair it up with side swept bangs or the flippy flowy 70s model bangs – like the ones made popular by Charlie’s Angels. It is good for both casual event as well as formal settings.

Medium Two Tone Arrangement

Cut the hair above the shoulder but touching the shoulders – and then have it layered. It doesn’t have to be layers that go thinner at the end; simply layer the hair so it gives texture and model to the overall style. if it is set up this way, it will give volume to the thin hair. Pair it up with blunt and wispy side swept bangs – but somehow the arrangement is similar to the full dramatic bangs. To make the overall appearance more dramatic and unique, have very light highlights on some parts of the hair.

8+ Black Hairstyles Medium Length Hair

1. Side Parted Medium Black Hairstyle

Black Hairstyles 2017 Medium Length Hair Side Parted

2. Layered Short Hair with Simple Braid

Layered Black Hairstyles 2017 Medium Length Hair Simple Braid