8+ Black Straight Hairstyles

Having black hair has its own perk. Not only the color is interesting, this kind of color can also be tweaked and adjusted to the wearers’ preference. Let alone if they decide to have straight hairstyles that will be popular in 2017. In the first example, the wearer decides to have her hair cut short while keeping the black straight hair-do intact. The medium length hair is cut in layered and trimming style, so it won’t be too volumized or thick. With side swept bangs also in straight mode – the overall look is very simple and yet chic and stylish.

Long Cleopatra Hair-do

Naomi Campbell is known for her sleek and sophisticated style. She simply styles up her hair in very straight and sleek manner. Her hair-do is basically similar to the straight Cleopatra’s style, but in longer mode. Cut the hair in very straight style. If it is too bushy or thick, cut it with layers for trimming effect. But if the hair is too fine or thin, keeping it straight can really make the hair look good. Let alone if such style is paired up with full dramatic bangs that will even make the overall look go chic and sophisticated.

Simple Long Straight

Having a long hair doesn’t mean that it should look plain and boring. Simply cut the hair in its long mode and consider what styling needs to be done. Textures can be added to make the overall look seem attractive and appealing. In this simple long straight hair, simply cut the hair and add layers for texturing. Also consider about applying another color for combination – like darker brown so the black hair won’t be too plain. When this hair-do is combined with central hair parting, the overall outcome is stylish without too much fuss.

1. Side Parted Medium Straight Black Hair with Layers

Black Medium Straight Hairstyles

2. Long Straight Hair with Bangs

Black Long Straight Hair with Bangs