35+ Top Bob Haircuts 2018 for Fine Hair

Bob has been in style for decades and created its own characteristics that make so many women are crazy about. This time, the bob haircuts 2018 for fine hair have stolen the spot. These are the cuts that most people adore. A lot of celebrities have been big fans from rihanna to victoria beckham. Be it the long demi bobs, chin-grazing bob haircut or the trendy asymmetrical haircut. All are recommended cuts that will never let you down.

Bob was first originated during the First World War by an owner of NYC Salon and started to gain popularity in such a short time. It symbolizes the independence, rebellcion and freedom for women because the cut it simple, short and very easy to maintain, much easier than longer hair. You don’t need to do time consuming hair treatment or styling. A few minute is enough. So yes, it’s effortless.

Basically, bob haircut is suitable for any kinds of hair and face shapes. Each can create exciting result for any occasions. . When you decide to get bob for your fine hair, you’ll be so amazed with the result. Be it short bob around the jawline or longer bob below the shoulder. Layers create texture including for bob and they can make the cut stunning. A-line bob haircut with layered bangs for instance, is perfect for round faces because it can make the face looking more ideal and oval. If you wish for more volume, try graduated bob and combine it with fringes. For even more phenomenal result, add beautiful messy bangs or curls. For more ideas, check out the most favorite bob haircuts  for fine hair.

#1. Short Blunt Bob Haircuts with Fringe

#2. Shaggy Medium Bob Haircuts with Layers

#3. Classic Medium Straight Bob in Soft Pink