40+ Bracelet Tattoos Designs Tips and Ideas

You’re probably considering choosing some charm bracelet tattoos with names designs and options if you are going to have your loved ones eternally engraved around your wrist. The bracelet tattoos are becoming more and more popular these days, especially since they hold several functionalities. First of all, the bracelet tattoo can be an attractive part of the art. You can ‘decorate’ your body with some elegance and style. The tattoo can also act as the bracelet, so you don’t need to wear one. A word of advice, though. It’s better to choose the names of your kids instead of your lovers. Relationships may fail and you may be forced to erase the tattoo – which can be costly and also painful.

When you want to choose a tattoo, make sure that it is something that you won’t regret later on. The tattoo should be something that you don’t mind having for as long as you live. Some of the popular options are the flower bracelet tattoos that can be cute and artistic. You don’t have to choose the cheesy ones – there are plenty of skilled and talented tattoo artists who can create amazing flower images that can be shaped like the bracelet. Just make sure that you completely agree the design, including the layout and the colors. The tattoo artists only help you to get what you want – the decision is still yours to make.

Some people may choose words over images. Most people may prefer images or pictures, especially symbols that can represent their personalities and characteristics. But then again, different people have different preferences. Some like wording so much – whether it is a song lyric, a quote, or even a prayer. Some may go with short sayings. It is up to you. You are even free to choose any inspirational quotes and get ideas from inspirational wrist tattoos examples.

1. Black and White Flower Bracelet Tattoo

2. A Ankle Bracelet with Feather Charm

3. A Simple Triangle Design with Bracelet-Look-Alike Design

4. A Simple Lock and Key on a String Tattoo