Chest Tattoo Ideas with Details and Colors

How much do chest tattoos cost? You probably have this kind of question if you are thinking about having a tattoo made on the chest area. The chest tattoo is gaining popularity over the years, mostly because of the unique placement and also the attractive design. It would be great if you can learn about the benefits and possible downsides before having the tattoos created on your chest.

One of the greatest things about the chest tattoos is the wide area for the design – but it applies for men. Men can have a wide area where they can choose large tattoo designs that they like. Not to mention that the chest holds an important part of the body. First of all, it is the place where your heart is. The heart, after all, is like the center of the body’s universe – it is the machine that ‘runs’ your body. Moreover, the chest is a great area where you can show off and display your tattoo. Whether the men are going bare chest or they open a button or two of their shirt, the design may be visible. It’s really easy to see why the chest tattoos are getting popular, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, the options for the women are still limited – especially with the breasts still considered a sensitive matter. If women decide to have chest tattoo, the display area is quite limited – the area above the bone, close to the neck, and close to the shoulders. In most cases, you can only choose small designs for the tattoos. The men, on the other hand, have bigger options and flexibility. They can have bigger images and designs. They can also wider display area. If you don’t want the tattoos to look cheesy or lousy, it is better to choose the simple ones. For inspirations, you can browse the many examples of simple chest tattoos for guys.

1. A Full Tattoo across the Chest with War Theme

2. Anubis Tattoo with Other Attractive Egyptian Elements

3. Unique Goat Head Design in Black and Accompanying Colorful Birds