Cool Tattoos Designs for Girls and Men

What are your options for the cool tattoos for girls? All these years, it seems that the world of tattoo is mostly dominated by men – resulting in many cool, but masculine and manly, designs for men. However, there is a new trend where girls can also choose the ideal designs for their tattoos. There is a shift of paradigm where tattoos are no longer viewed as something negative – but something artistic and beautiful. It is only logical if many girls are now looking for inspirations and ideas for their tattoos.

What makes a tattoo cool and appealing? Well, it depends on the quality of the designs and the craftsmanship of the users. In fact, the traditional tattoos designs can look modern and even more beautiful with different approaches. For instance, one of the most popular picks for the girls’ tattoo is the butterfly – which can be boring and plain if you choose the regular type. However, if the tattoo is made in a 3D format or it may come with unique colors, the butterfly will definitely look different and stand out. A different technique in the making, the unique color options, and the combinations of various elements and designs can make the tattoo look more appealing and less boring.

There are tons of cool designs for the men, but there are so limited options for the girls. No need to worry, though, because you can find more and more options these days. These tattoos aren’t always girly and feminine – some of the designs represent strength and tenacity. Of course, there are many options to choose, such as cute ghost design, birds and feathers, flowers, moon or the crescent, lotus, dream catcher, cross, or even abstract. If you browse the galleries of cool tattoos simple for girls, you should be able to find creative and attractive designs that aren’t all girly.

1. A Hand Holding a Knife with a Woman Face

2. A Colorful Cobra that Is Eating Its Own Tail

3. Beautiful and Colorful Phoenix Rising up

4. Two Sides of the Face in Black and White