Top 30+ Cross Tattoos Designs 2018 Ideas

What is your favorite cross tattoos designs 2018? If you are thinking about having a regular cross tattoo, there is nothing wrong with it. However, it would be a total bore with only plain designs and items. If you want to create a visually appealing effect, you should try something unique and different – something that can create a ‘wow’ effect without making it look cheesy or lousy. There are some ideas of cross tattoos for men on arm or even some tattoo designs on the hand or wrist. After all, having a cross tattoo doesn’t always mean that you are showing off your religious side – it can be a form of artistic expression as well.

1. The Wrist Rosary and the Cross

A cross is a regular symbol for the rosary, which can be a religious symbol for protection and faith. If you want to have something that is always close to you, having the rosary and the cross design can be a good idea, especially in this black and white color option.

2. The Cross and the Leaf

The tattoo itself is pretty basic and simple but it looks somewhat ideal and matching with the leaves. When you pick the right spot, as on the back of the neck, for this tattoo, it can create a visually dramatic flair that enhances the artistic appeal

3. Snake on Cross and the Wings

It could be the representative of all the characters from the Bible. The Satan is represented by the snake is coiling around the tattoo which means that evil will always lurk if you aren’t careful. The wings may represent the Angels or divine power that will protect you as long as you have the faith.