Curly Hairstyles 2017 for Men

Been looking for a new haircut for your boyfriend? Why don’t try the hottest curly hairstyles 2017 men. These great hairstyles will show you that curly hair doesn’t always mean fewer choices of great look because everyone deserves the best haircut ever. Take a look at the picture and see exactly how his short curly hairstyle looks perfect. It is simply masculine and appealing. With an easy styling requiring only hair gel and fingers, the hairstyle is great for both formal and informal events. Cutting some layers will be great idea to help reduce the hair thickness. Don’t forget to create messy finishes.

Medium Curly Hairstyles Men

Another great choice is available by cutting the hair into medium curly hairstyle. Like this Hollywood actor who looks greatly masculine with his curly hair cut in medium length. To create some accent, the upper hair has to be thicker than the lower one. Never forget the layers to get some textures. Curly bangs may be required but make sure it is pulled backward. This hairstyle is most recommended for men with heart-shaped and oval face.

Messy Medium Curly Hairstyles Men

If what your boyfriend or husband has is rich curly hair, then you can ask him to go messy. This hairstyle is considerably a thick one accentuated with rich curls on all parts of the hair. The upper part has to be much thicker than the lower one to create a personalized feature. Layers are still necessary. If the face shape is oval, longer bang is much recommended. Let the bangs or fringes cover the forehead for more balanced look. If he wants to go all messy, use less hair gel so that the hair doesn’t look too shiny or smooth. Instead of a comb, use fingers for much easier and faster hair styling with satisfying result.

10+ Curly Hairstyles 2017 for Men

1. Curly Short Hair with Beard

Short Curly Men Hairstyles 2017 with Beard

2. Rich Curly Hair with Fringe

Rich Curly Men Hairstyles 2017 with Fringe

3. Tousled Curly Short Hair for Men

Tousled Short Curly Men Hairstyles 2017