The Stylish and Timeless Cute French Tip Nail Designs

When you want to improve the look of your nails, you can always go for cute French tip nail designs. This kind of nail work is very popular and timeless. Lots of people still prefer having this kind of look when they are doing their own design or they go to nail salon. The cute French tip nail look is one of the most popular and likeable designs when it comes to nail art.

About the French Nail Art

Cute French Tip Nail Designs 2018

French tip nail designs are basically a type of nail work where the focus of the work lies on the tip of your nail. In the traditional French nail work, you should be using clear base coat, with the tip of the nail being covered in white. The look is simple, but it is highly elegant and sophisticated. Over the years, the practice has shifted to other colors being used. Often times, the clear base coat is replaced by pale pink, nude, pastel green – whatever colors that are light or pastel, while the tip remains covered in white. However, today’s French nail art introduces bold colors for the base and other colors for the tip. It is common, for example, to use clear base coat, but the tip is covered in black. In some nail arts, the tips are covered in gold that has sparkles and flecks. In other works, the clear base coat is still applied, but besides being covered in white on the tip, it is also covered in flowery stickers, so there is no plain white coverage.

How to Do It

French Nail Art Designs 2018

In case you are interested in cute white French tip nail designs, you can always try one on your own. Here are the steps that you should follow:
• Be sure to remove the old polish.
• Trim the nails so you can get the preferred shape and don’t forget to buff them.
• Soak your nails into warm water so removing the cuticles will be easier.
• Dry your hands and nails and then start applying the base coat. You can choose whatever color you like; it doesn’t have to be clear.
• Make sure that they are all dried properly before you apply the white tip. You can use a guiding tool or you can do it on your own. If you do it on your own, make sure your hands are steady.
• Wait until the tip is dry. Apply clear top coat.
You can try different variations for cute French tip nail designs; just be creative about it.