About Cute Gel Nail Designs

There are lots of cute gel nail designs. You may even go to nail salon to have cute gel nail treatment or procedure. But do you know that you can actually do it at home, without spending extra money for the service? of course, you need to have the materials and equipments, but even purchasing them and making them yours will be much cheaper than going to nail salon regularly.

About Gel Nail

Cute Gel Nail Designs

When you want to look striking or catchy – different from the others – having such kind of gel nail work will certainly help you out. There are even cute gel nail designs for short nails, so you don’t necessarily have to have long nails to get this kind of treatment. Some people compare this kind of nail treatment with the acrylic nail, but these two have different characteristic and unique traits. In acrylic treatment, your nail will be covered in this special liquid solution that will harden it dries off completely. The same thing also happens in gel nail work, but it requires special drying with UV light and there is no strong odor from the liquid in gel nail art. Not only this kind of treatment will protect your nails, the designs on the top of them will make you look stylish and different.

How to Do It

cute gel nail designs for short nails

Basically, doing this kind of treatment is quite easy. Here are the steps to do so:
• Remove the old polish.
• Trim the nails so you can get the preferred shapes. Don’t forget to buff them to create smooth effect
• Soak your nails in warm water and remove the cuticles.
• Apply the primer and let it dry
• Coat it with UV nail gel. Let it dry with UV light. Make sure that the UV nail doesn’t get to your skin or cuticle. If it does, use the cuticle remover to remove it.
• Add the second coat of UV nail gel and dry it with UV light
• Add the third coat of UV nail gel and dry it again with UV light
• Check the nails. If there are uneven spots, buff them.
• Wash your hands using gentle soap.
• If you want to cover them with nail polish, you can freely do so.

Finding the Designs

Be creative about the designs you like. You can even check Tumblr, Instagram, or other social media for examples. You can even check cute gel nail designs Pinterest for ideas. If you are creative, you can always come up with the perfect cute gel nail designs of your choice.