Easy Nail Designs Step by Steps: How to Do It in Your Own

You may want to know about easy nail designs step by step if you want to create your own nail art and style. Most people would go to nail salon to have their nails done. But if you are a bit low on the budget and you are a creative individual that likes trying new things, it doesn’t hurt to try working on the nails on your own. Who knows? Maybe you can even come with better and more stylish effect.

The Perks

Easy Nail Designs 2018

The main perk of doing your own nail work is the freedom of choosing any image or design you like. There are even stylish easy nail designs step by step for short nails, so there is no more excuse that you can’t do the work on your own. Besides, you won’t have to spend more money for the nail salon, which means that you can save up a few dollars. Isn’t that cool?

Things to Prepare

Easy Cute Nail Designs

When you do your personal DIY nail treatment, keep in mind that you won’t have to spend so much money in the process. In fact, some of the stuffs in your beauty case may be enough for your nail work. For the cute nail designs step by step work, you will need:

  • Different colors of nail polish. If you already have several colors, there is no need to buy another colors – unless if you want to.
  • Thin brush. You can use painting brush
  • Bobby pins, if you are going to have dots
  • Cello or scotch tape
  • Scissors
  • Band aid in round shape, if there is semi-circle design

Handy Tips

Easy Cute Nail Designs 2018

Besides paying attention to the easy nail designs step by step guide, you will also need to remember these things:

  • Always manicure your nails neatly before painting. If your nails are way too short, you can always use the acrylic extension nails. Do the extension if you like biting your nails.
  • Try to work fats, but not sloppy. Nail polish easily dries fast. You can also mix glitter into the polish before applying it to your nails.
  • Always apply a coat so your art will last longer. You can re-apply it once every two or three days.
  • When you make mistakes in the application, it’s the best and wisest to use Q-tip doused with polish remover.
  • There are no exact rules in nail art work – just like in make-up. Be creative and use your own imagination to create unique, edgy, and personal style.
    If you are able to remember these tips, it is likely that your easy nail designs step by step will be successful. Have fun and good luck!