100+ Top Female Tattoos Gallery

Are you confused about the right female tattoos designs on the back? Or you are probably wondering which tattoos would be perfect for your wrist or probably your waist? If you want to make a fashion statement, having the tattoo on the back can be super stylish. No, you don’t have to create an extravagant design – a simple will do, as long as you know the design and also the place.

Although there are limitless of ideas for the tattoos, there are some tips and tricks to choose the right image. First of all, make sure that the tattoo will look great in clothes, like a part of your fashion accessories or accents. And be aware of your options. For example, you know that wearing a green top with purple bottom is ridiculous, right? So, when you have a green tattoo, you don’t want to wear anything purple. It will be super cheesy. If you are confused of which tattoos to choose, the girl tattoos pictures can be a great starting point. It would be even greater if you choose the black and white tattoos, which will be perfect for any clothing or occasions – provided that you are going to flaunt those tattoos.

What if you want to create a statement but you want to keep it simple? Why not the wrist tattoos? You can also consider the finger tattoos because they are super unique. But then again, the wrist tattoos are more fashionable than the finger tattoos – moreover, the wrist tattoos can also be used as a fashion accessory. With the wrist tattoos, you don’t need to wear any bracelet anymore. Even if you do, you can always mix it up with the tattoos so you can even achieve a stylish look. Who says bracelet tattoos can’t look stylish and classy at the same time?

1. Red Cherry Blossom Tattoo on the Back

2. Red and Pink Roses with Butterflies on the Arm

3. A Sweet Stork Origami Design on the Shoulder

4. Half Face Tattoo with a Rose on the Arm