45+ Best Finger Tattoo Design [2018] for Men and Women

Finger tattoo design makes a fun, sexy and sweet art on self expression in 2018. Its small size actually is the reason why it appears versatile. It can involve a single small symbol, letter or any kind of expression but it can also involve series or group of symbols inked in all the fingers to form some kind of bigger symbol. This tucked in tattoo design is very popular including among celebrities like Beyonce. And, it also makes a great tattoo for couples or fringes. Even the smallest design can easily flaunt your personal style. Despite the fact getting your fingers inked with tattoo is going to hurt, more hurt compared to other parts of your body, the result is worth the pain.

#1. Twin Ring Tattoo Design

2. Wording Finger Tattoo

#3. Gothic Ring with Love Tattoo Design