50+ New Haircuts for 2018: Some of the Popular Picks

The trend of haircuts for 2018 are various – about the length, the textures, the colors, and the different designs. Some of the hair options are pretty short while some are quite long with regular styling. Everyone is entitled to their personal choice – some may look drastically and dramatically edgy while some are coming with the common and regular styles. In short, there is no specific new hairstyle female that stands out among the others. Every style and cut has their own proportion and stylish trend in community.

Each hairstyle has its own appeal and ‘fanbase’. For instance, the hairstyles for medium hair are coming with different options. Wavy textures are quite common, along with Ombre style or bayalage pick. Straight medium hair is also quite popular with some variants of inverted look, asymmetrical cut, or super sleek hair do. What if you prefer the knot and tied version? The ponytail is the common option, while low bun can be quite ideal for formal occasions. As if it weren’t enough, the low bun can come with various styles, like messy bun, braided bun, floral bun, and such thing alike. The creativity is completely endless! Medium bun and high bun are the other alternatives that most people like for different events and occasions. And just like the low buns, these buns are coming with their own variations.

The same thing happens to short cut. It turns out that short pixie haircuts remain popular over the years. Aside its simplicity and styling efficiency, such a haircut can be tweaked into different styles. There are several variants of boyish pixie cut as well as cute pixie do. There are also chic pixie cuts for professional women, while edgy pixie cuts are perfect for those wanting to look different and stand out with their personal characteristics and styles.

1. Two Tones Messy and Wavy Medium Hair

2. Bayalage Longer Pixie Hair Cut

3. Two Tones Layered Short Cut for Older Women