Best Hairstyles for Long Hair 2017

Hairstyles for long hair can be super fabulous supporting the transformation of a woman to a very gorgeous look. Definitely in 2017, the styles can allow you getting more attention from people around especially ones you love the most. The shiny yet smooth long haircut that falls so beautifully through the shoulders is like the very best thing that any women can have. Whether it is straight, wavy or curly, it is pretty and unique. Good thing is this length can suit with any kinds of face shapes from the most ideal ones like oval to less ideal like square. It’s a really nice complement to the overall appearance.

So, how should the hair look like? Well, the choices are wide open. For instance, allow yourself to appear beautiful yet elegant with long locks and nice addition of side swept bangs. This style certainly makes you feel fabulous. Meanwhile, if you wish to have the style that fits your daily use but is still appropriate for work, consider the versatile layered hair. For more inspirations, check out our best recommendations of the popular 8 hairstyles for long hair.

1. Straight Long Hairstyles with Braid

Straight Long Hairstyles 2017 with Braid

2. Wavy Long Brunette Hairstyles

Wavy Long Brunette Hairstyles 2017