8 Favorite Halloween Costumes 2016 for Kids

If you’re one of those thrifty parents, then it wouldn’t hurt to prepare Halloween costumes for kids in advance. For most kids, there is nothing more fun than dressing up and getting candies from door to door. What the kids don’t know is that their parents are the ones who need to work hard for this. Not only that parents should prepare their kids favorite costumes, they are also need to make sure the costumes are safe and comfortable for trick and treating. It’s important to prevent their costumes from turning into strangling or even fire hazard.

If you plan on buying your kids Halloween costumes in this year, look for those with flame resistant labels. Avoid flammable fabrics such as jute, line and acetate. Costumes with sparkle and glitter that are sprayed on are also highly flammable. Sequins in other hand would melt if catch on fire. It’s also essential to make sure the costumes do not include oversize capes or dangling sleeves. Not only because they could easily catch on fire, but also because they could easily become a tripping hazard. Costume accessories such as hoods, wings or purses should be handheld or short. Accessories that drape around the neck such as scarves could also become a choking hazard.

If your kids are older, they might want to dress up as whatever they want. If that’s the case, you should ask them in advance what kind of characters they like to dress up to be. This way could prepare their Halloween costumes without breaking the bank. If you buy the costumes long before Halloween season, then you’ll be able to find plenty of Halloween costumes on sale. There are lots of online stores offer discount costumes for boys, girls and even for your dog. And not only costumes, you’ll be able to get the accessories you need such as masks, leggings, wigs and makeup also at discounted price.

#1: Grinch Who Stole Christmas Halloween Costume

#2: Homemade Scarecrow Halloween Costume with Tutu