10+ Top Long Bob Hairstyles 2017 for Women

Those who have long hairstyles can consider about having a bob cut. After all, for the upcoming 2017 trend, the bob trend will be hip again for women. Such hair-do is suitable for those who want to look good without too much fuss and hassle. Take a look at the long bob cut worn by Halle Berry. She looks good in such simple cutting. The bob hair-do is cut around the shoulders and the ends are layered, so it provides textures and nice touch. Pairing it up with simple side hair part – or bangs, if anyone is interested – is achievable and doable.

Long Cleopatra Style

Cleopatra style is known for the sleek and straight hair do above the shoulders. Those who are born with naturally straight hair can choose this style to avoid the so-so long length and look. The straight Cleopatra style can provide very stylish and yet mysterious effect. It is quite ok to have black cover and also full dramatic bangs – like the one incorporated by Naomi Campbell – so the overall look will be sassy. Those with hair around the shoulder length or even longer can consider this style, so it will be different from the regular bob cut.

Messy Long Bob

Having a bob cut doesn’t always mean to keep it neat and stylish all the time. those with naturally wavy or curly texture can try this messy long bob that will deliver rebellious and free effect. Simply cut the hair around the shoulders and keep it messy. It is okay to layer the ends so when it is messy, the overall effect will be even more sassy and wild. It looks great when paired up with side hair parting or no bangs at all. It also looks dramatic and great when highlights or two toned colors are incorporated.

1. Straight Center Parted Long Bob with Highlights

Straight Center Parted Long Bob Hairstyles 2017 with Highlights

2. Dark Blonde Straight Long Bob

Dark Blonde Straight Long Bob Hairstyles 2017

3. Layered Long Bob Hair with Center Parting

Layered Long Bob Hairstyles 2017 Center Parting