15+ Ideas for Long Shag Hairstyles

What’s the great thing about long shag hairstyles, anyway? Well, if you are referring to the Sassoon bob from the 60s and the tousled look from the 70s, you will come to the shaggy styling. remember the days of Rod Stewart, Jane Fonda, and Joan Jet with the great hairstyle? Well, the style is now back, and it looks even better from the old days.

About Shaggy Styling

Basically, the shaggy was considered controversial in cutting. The shag was basically long layers that are styled in choppy and blunt manner. Moreover, shaggy styling was often associated with the rock and roll because of its naturally rebellious look. The hairstyles basically has this long and also short layering with unkempt and tousled effect. It is good as unisex cutting.

Great Ideas for Shaggy Cut

Here are some great ideas and examples for the shaggy cut:

#1. Shaggy Layered Long Hairstyle

#2. Messy Shaggy Long Hairstyle with Bangs

#3. Natural Shaggy Long Blonde Hairstyle with Fringe