50+ Short Pixie Haircuts 2018 Options and Trends

What’s the upcoming trend of short pixie haircuts 2018? Well, if you are thinking about having a make-over and you want to create a different image of yours, having a short pixie can be a refreshing idea. Not only you can implement different kinds of style, you will also enjoy the fresh and also cool cut. If you think that pixie cut is only about the short cut only, then you are hugely and definitely mistaken. Pixie cut is about revealing another side of yours, and there are different models of it. There are pixie cuts for thick hair and even for the curly one.

Pixie cut isn’t exclusively belonging to a certain type of hair texture or hair thickness. You want to create a sweet and adorable effect? Feel free to do so! You want to create a rebellious and edgy look? You can do it too with the right cut. Whether you have a straight or fine or curly hair texture, be sure that pixie cut can suit you real good. Not to mention that you also have the freedom to style it the way you want it. Looking for a perfect style of pixie cut for round face? Or maybe a pixie cut for Gothic look?

1. Pixie Boyish Cut with Undercut Style

2. Short Pixie with Overlong Bangs

3. Messy Two Tones Edgy Pixie Cut