10+ Short Mens Hairstyles 2017 for Round Faces

There are actually plenty of choices of hairstyles for men with round faces, and these short mens hairstyles for round faces 2017 would give you some ideas. A round face is commonly characterized by the full cheekbones, a rounded jaw, and the almost equal width and height. This type of face tends to lack the angular features as well as prominent lines. This type of face shape is quite common and more because of genetics rather than being overweight. But today there are a lot of hairstyles that are flattering on men with round faces.

In order to balance out the width of your face, the hairstyles need to add height so that the face appears longer. The side part adds angles and asymmetry as well. Avoid getting fringe that is cut straight across your forehead that would add width to your face. Also avoid extra short cuts, which may emphasize the round shape of your head. One of mens short hairstyles that look great for men with round faces is the short sides cut with brushed up top. This hairstyle is especially great for men with round faces since the brushed up top would provide the illusion that the face is longer, while the short sides would not make the face look more round.

#10 Best Short Mens Hairstyles for Round Faces

1. Short Cropped with Pointy Styled Front

2017 Short Cropped Mens Hairstyles for Round Faces

2. Short Cut with Natural Curls

3. Short Slicked Up Top

2017 Short Mens Hairstyles for Round Faces Slicked Up Top