Skull Tattoo Designs 2018 Options from the Menacing to the Cute Ones

Some great inspirations and ideas for skull tattoo designs 2018 are available, and they don’t have to be scary or menacing anymore. Although skull is somewhat associated with masculinity and death, it turns out that they can be attractive and catchy, especially with the right design and look. In most cases, people prefer the sleeve tattoo designs which allow them to have bigger tattoo with a more menacing appearance. Having the sleeve tattoo design, after all, allowing the users to choose how big or small the dimension, or whether the design is solely a skull or it comes with other images.

In the ancient times, people were afraid of skull image because they associated it with death. The pirates were the ones making this image ‘popular’ because they wanted to be feared, steering people out of their way. However, the skull image is no longer scary anymore – not with so many attractive designs and options. Whereas skull tattoos were big and menacing in the past, the dimension is now can be made smaller, leading to small skull tattoo designs. Not only the skull tattoo can be placed on the sleeve area, you basically can place it anywhere you like, such as the upper arm, the back, and even the neck.

The design can be versatile and flexible, not necessarily a solitary type. Unlike the menacing pirate skull, today’s skull design can be accompanied by other designs. In some popular designs, skull image is accompanied by the roses or the guns. Some skull images even come with unique designs, such as a skull with a cowboy hat or a skull with a flyer helmet. Some of the designs are pretty small, so it can be placed on several places with limited space, such as skull tattoos on hand. So, care to try?

1. Skull and Bird with Wood Background

2. Red Rose and Black Skull

3. Joker Skull with Written Words

4. Black Beetle with Hidden Skull Underneath