50+ Sleeve Tattoo Designs 2018 Options for Unique Characters

Looking for some great ideas for sleeve tattoo designs 2018? There are some great ideas and inspirations for those looking for a standout image and design. Sleeve tattoo is what it is – it is a pretty big tattoo designs not only on your upper arms (like the regular tattoos) but the designs are extending to the entire arms. It may cover the upper area to the ones on your wrists or even the back of your hands. It is also possible that the designs are not only covering the exterior side of the arm, but also on the undersides. That’s why there are different types of sleeve designs, including full sleeve tattoos black and grey.

The biggest challenge about making the sleeve tattoo design is to think about design, layout, and ideas. Since such a tattoo needs a bigger platform for the design, you need to figure out the right designs too. Of course, it is okay to include several of your favorite images on the arms, but are they coherent? Are they related to each other? Are they suitable for your needs or outcome expectations? For women’s full sleeve tattoo designs, for instance, would it be appropriate for you to have skull design or motor trucks as the main object?

The most popular options for this kind of sleeve tattoo are for men, with various options of images like animals (lions or wolves), auto, guns and roses (truly the combination of guns and also roses), and even spiritual figures. But never underestimate the designs for girls as there are new tattoo designs for girls, going beyond the cute and adorable images. There are still cute designs such as flowers or unicorns, but tougher girls today aren’t afraid to show their cross designs or tribal options. So, which one do you want to choose?

1. Interesting Dual Upside Down Image

2. Animals and Skull Tribal Design

3. A Girl with Colorful Anatomy

4. Black and White Stairs and Lighthouse