Small Tattoos Designs 2018 and Some Exemplary Options

There are some interesting small tattoos designs 2018 that you can try, if you have ever thought about decorating your body. To look attractive, there are actually some appealing designs that may look cute and adorable. Of course, there are also some neutral small designs that are perfect for manly and masculine men and yet small enough to cover or conceal. And just because the designs and shapes are small, it doesn’t have to be lousy or cheesy. There are actually some good ideas of the small designs – as well as interesting ideas about the placement. So, what are your choices?

1. Palm Tree on the Knuckle

It is basically a neutral design, suitable for both men and women. Placing the palm tree design tattoo on the knuckle is quite impressive because you are basically doing something different and unique. Try it in one of your knuckle and see how it works for you.

2. The Power of Continuous Prayer

Are you into religious act? Are you one of those religious people? Decorating your body with one of these symbols can help. Just like the palm tree, the prayer hands can be put on the knuckle. It looks simple and yet impressive.

3. Thorned Rose and the Beauty

Looking for a way to decorate yourself and yet you don’t want to flash it too much to the world? Why picking the thorned rose? It is feminine and yet tough. And you can place it behind your ears so you won’t have to worry that a lot of people would see it.