Facts about Solar Nail Designs 2018

If you see the social media, you will see these different variations of solar nail designs. What are they, actually? You must be thinking that solar nail treatment includes some high tech and sophisticated implementation. Well, before you choose any popular or hip solar nail designs 2018 – if you like the year – here are some facts that you should know about this nail art.

The Facts about Solar Nail

Solar Nail Designs 2018

If you are expecting grandeur, exotic, or high tech implementation when getting the solar nail treatment, be prepared to be disappointed because solar nail is just the same as the acrylic treatment. Well, they are not truly the same, but the basic implementation is similar – with pink and white coverage like the acrylics. If you see examples of solar nail designs 2018, you should be able to see subtle difference on the coating implementation. But everything is basically just the same. Some people even accuse that nail salons are using cheap and dirty marketing strategy to make their customers feel as if they were getting different treatments, while paying more for the same procedure.

The Solar Nail Technique

Solar Nail Designs 2018 Pictures

As it was mentioned earlier, they are basically almost the same with different application and technique. Yes, they are still using the same product of powder and liquid that is mixed together, but the implementation is bit different. You see, in acrylic nail treatment, white acrylic piece will be attached to your nail – the tip of it – and then pink acrylic liquid coating will be applied between the tip and cuticle so there won’t be any gap anymore. After it is dry, the technician will coat off the whole nail for finishing look. With solar nail treatment, there is no usage of acrylic false tip. The technician, however, will apply acrylic coat to your natural nail. The first layer is the white – applied on the whole nail. The second layer – the pink – is only applied on the tip. The finishing result will be the same as French nail treatment.

The Effect

Since the solar nail treatment has similar outcome like the French nail work, the overall effect and result is natural and chic. Because there is no usage of bulky and thick acrylic extension, your nail will be glossier than the other artificial nail treatments. If you want to find ideas, feel free to browse around solar nail designs pictures. There are lots of solar nail designs to try, if you want to look different from the others.