Simple Sun Tattoo Designs with Its Own Appeal

You probably think that there is only one type of design for the sun tattoo, but you’d be surprised to find out that there are different styles, images, and even drawing models of the sun. What is the symbolic meaning of the sun, anyway? What makes it interesting for a tattoo? Well, there are different meanings of the sun, but they are all related to masculinity and control. You see, the sun is about independence – it is about self. The sun is a single item that is radiant and powerful enough to provide light and also heat to the surrounding environments, right? That’s the meaning of the sun.

Some people say that the sun is about power, confidence, and also control. Somehow, the sun has this regal quality. It is majestic in its own way. Without the sun, there won’t be any life, so it is the ultimate ruler – the one that controls everything. The sun is bright and radiant and powerful. Not only it is able to affect its surroundings, it affects different elements in a different way. Some may be affected by the health while some are affected by the strength. Nevertheless, it is powerful enough to shine and radiate. Although some people believe that the sun tattoos are mostly big and huge, there is actually some finger tattoo design which means that you can enjoy the small design on the fingers.

Of course, there are also other ideas for the tattoo designs. Some of the common placements are on the back, the upper arm, and the feet. But those who want to have the design on their wrist can also have it because there are some smart and artistic sun tattoo designs on wrist. Some may be black and white while some have colors. Whatever design and colors depends on your preference.

1. Black and White Sun Design on the Back

2. Simple Sun Design on the Upper Part of the Feet

3. Matching Pair of Colorful Sun and Moon Design on the Back of the Hand

4. Very Simple Black Plain Sun Tattoo on the Arm