15+ Tattoo Design 2017 for Hand

A bold statement is something that you will always get when you decide to get the best hand tattoo design. This tattoo simply draws more attention since it’s easily visible. For the trend in 2017, tattoo artists have been preparing surprises. There are various styles to choose from simple to spiritual or Gothic styles. Determining the best style for your hand requires you to be more creative and inspired. Do not fear of anything and embrace the tattoo like it’s an inseparable part of yours.

For instance, start with dynamic tattoo designs with multiple colors. They look adorable and have strong character. Meanwhile, the spiritual designs represent significant meaning. The scriptures design for instance symbolizes the person’s devotion. It also represents the traits and personality of the person. It’s alike a window to the person’s true innerself. The tattoo itself can be in various sizes and colors. Some even have full hand tattoo and some others have smaller tattoo. Let’s check out the latest tattoo design 2017 trends for hand .

1. Butterfly Hand Tattoo Design in Multiple Colors

2. Black Rose Hand Tattoo Design with Strong Character

3. Female Goddess Hand Tattoo in Black and Blue Ink