Get 100+ Ideas Tattoo Designs 2017 Men and Women

Having an art engraved on our skin is probably the most fabulous way to express ourselves. This art represents itself as tattoo which has been getting more popular by the day. Tattoo is not just a body painting but it has more meaning. Each has a history. And in 2017, there are more tattoo designs to choose both for men and women.

Thanks to world’s best tattoo artists, more inspirations now have come alive. Check out the latest and most fascinating designs for you to have.

#1. Rose Tattoo

Rose Tattoo Designs 2017

A beautiful red flower, rose, is perhaps one of the oldest tattoo designs. It looks classic and unique. It can be symbol of love and sacrifices for love. Among the Greek goddess, roses carry the meaning of immortal love that can withstand time and death. It can also be a feminine symbol which refers to the wife, mother or girlfriend.

#2. Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion Tattoo Designs 2017

Tribal tattoo is stunning, rustic and mysterious. It is originated in several remote places in the world including North America, Polynesia, Africa and South America. It has spiritual significance which is the reason why it looks mysterious. It basically represents a fusion between the reality and mythical folklores.