Get 100+ Ideas Tattoo Designs 2017 Men and Women

#5. Cat and Moon

Cat Tattoo Designs 2017

Cats are symbolic animal in many cultures and were associated Diana, the moon goddess. Cat and moon in the same tattoo brings mysterious symbol with aura of power. To some cultures, cats are even symbols of evil. Most common design shows the cat sitting on crescent moon. It strongly shows the affinity of cat and moon.

#6. Compass

Compass Tattoo Designs 2017

Although compass tattoo is more popular among men than women it is also looking good on women. Compass brings maritime symbol that is intended to bring protection on rough waters to make sure that you will safely return home. Most people choose this design as good luck token. And when it comes to styles and variations, the choices are not limited including the astro compass, star compass, prismatic compass, Vegvisir compass and lodestone compass.