50 New Tattoo Designs 2018 for Girls: Some of the Unusual Options

Don’t expect too girly or too feminine tattoo designs 2018 for girls because it is no longer the popular idea. If you think that tattoos for girls should be all feminine, cute, and adorable, you haven’t explored the world out there. On the contrary to the common belief, today’s best tattoos designs for women are quite masculine with powerful messages. Women are no longer afraid to represent themselves, choosing variants of colors to show their true colors – whether it is light, dark, gloomy, or even combined. If you aren’t afraid of exploring yourself, then you should have various kinds of picks and optional designs.

Instead of hiding their tattoos, most women today are daring enough to show off their tattoos – some are even placed on some sensitive areas – like close to the buttocks, near the cleavage, or on some other private parts. One of the most common locations are tattoos for girls on shoulder, which can be seen by others and yet not showing off any disgraced. Whether you have floral pattern or even dragon designs, showing them off on your shoulders will somehow making it appealing – some people even consider it sexy. If you have a tattoo with combination of attractive colors, the shoulder will definitely be a perfect spot.

What about tattoo designs for women’s hands? Some women prefer small and medium size designs but some really like it big. It depends on personal preference, really. Some may like small and simple design, like a cross close to the wrist, a rosary around the wrist, a ring tattoo on the knuckle, a fairy design on the back of the hand, and such thing alike. In the end, choosing the right design will represent who you are and also your true characteristics. So, which one would you choose for yourself?

1. Triangular Black and Red Rose Tattoo

2. A Fragile Pink Flower on the Back

3. Black and White Floral Tattoo on Upper Arm

4. Masculine Hope Tattoo for the Arm