12 Your Next Tattoo Designs on Hands To Choose

Nowadays, more and more tattoo lovers are browsing tattoo designs on hands. This shows the increasing popularity of tattoos on hands and arms. Tattoos on the hands and arms have special meaning for tattoo lovers. These kinds of tattoos are quite fascinating for both tattoo lovers and tattoo artists. Not only the design, the tattoo placement had a great significance as well. Though hand tattoos, particularly on palms are less common, there are great deal of meanings is related with it just because of its placement. This particular tattoo placement is commonly chosen for personal or even political reasons. In many cases, tattooing the hands is used as expression of rebellion or statement. Its high visibility is probably the most essential reason why people choose to have tattoos on their hands.

People commonly choose palms, fist and knuckles to place their tattoos. These areas are oftentimes decorated with great imagination and care, in whatever styles suited. Some experienced tattoo artists specifically creates incredible pieces for particular parts of the hand. This is why hand tattoos are in some way connects between creativity and hands functionality. Hand tattoos somehow serve as poignant symbols. Palm tattoos in particular, shows the significance of human hands in their life.

Tattooing the hands signifies a higher level of commitment. People who want to ink their hands are commonly bold and courage. This is because tattooing the hands is more painful than tattooing other part of your body. That’s why if a person is prepare to endure this kind of pain, then she or he definitely is doing it for a more symbolic reason. Some of them usually would like to send certain messages to other or themselves. These messages could be personal, religious or even political messages. Some people also tattoo their ring fingers instead of wearing the actual ring as symbol of more permanent commitment.

#1: Black colored long sleeve tattoo in Henna design

#2: One colored arm tattoo with intricate design

#3: Three black colored roses forearm tattoos