Various Options for Teal Nail Designs 2018

When you want to look classy, elegant, and stylish in your nail artwork you may want to consider various teal nail designs. There are lots of cute designs you can view in various social media. If you check the Instagram, for example, there are myriads of cute designs involving teal hue that may appeal your interest. You can even take a look at teal nail designs Tumblr for ideas and examples.

Why Teal?

Teal Nail Designs 2018

Teal is the combination between blue and green. You can say that it sits on the border of those two colors. If you want to look blue – but not totally blue – and yet you also want to have green combination – without overall green effect – then you can always choose teal. Lots of people like having blue polish, but some of them may be put off with it because the color resembles mold – which is a total no-no for the nails. That’s why they try to find other alternative colors that aren’t only stylish, but also wearable. And that’s when teal comes to the view.

Various Colors and Designs

Color Teal Nail Designs 2018

You may think that cute teal nail designs are limited because of the color range, but there are actually different variations and styles to consider about. You can always go for French manicure with teal for the tip. So, instead of white, you choose teal. You can even add stickers to make it more stylish. You can also go for simple teal cover, if you like simplicity. If you want a bit of glam, you can use the glittery teal. Either you choose the glitter polish, or add the glitter into your teal polish will do. If you want to amp up the style, you can even add specks into the teal polish. That will make it edgier! If you want a classier and simpler style, simply cover the nail with teal polish and add speckles on the tip only. That will add sassy to your style.

Simple French Teal Work

Cute Teal Nail Designs 2018

In this nail art work, you only need to cover your nail with clear base coat and add teal polish on the tip. Consider adding glitter teal polish for bling-bling appearance. Then you can add big flower sticker as additional accent. Then apply top coat for finishing touch. It’s that simple!

Browse around for teal nail designs Pinterest, if you have the account. Basically, the net is a large library that you can use to find the perfect teal nail designs. Be creative!