15+ Tribal Tattoo Design 2017

Tribal tattoo design is being very popular in 2017. This type of tattoo was actually not widely used. Only the tribes were using the tattoo for identification, representing battles fought and also serving as camouflage. But now, these tattoos are almost everyone’s favorite across the world. It even includes the abstracts designs like flames, butterflies and suns. There are also the wild popular angular styles. These are cool styles that appear like black knives have come in all directions out of the skin. These become the tattoo designs 2017 inked on the body of a person who loves tattoo so much.

There are more designs for tribal tattoo including lizard, dragon, tigers and wolves. If you are a fan of Celtic culture, then the Celtic design is the right design for you. The Celtic knot is very popular and often chosen by both male and female. Usually, the design combines the knot with the name of the loved one inside the knot.

As for the colors, although black is the most dominating color but there are other colors that make the perfect tattoo like red and green. When you choose this tattoo, it will be like choosing a tattoo that represents your soul. Therefore, once anyone sees it, they will have a hint about your true self.


1. Tribal Black Tattoo with Abstract Design for the back

Tribal Black Tattoo Design 2017 with Abstract for the back

2. Tribal Patterned Black Hand Tattoo

Tribal Patterned Black Hand Tattoo Design 2017

3. Tribal Loup Black Tattoo

Tribal Loup Black Tattoo Design 2017