10 Most Unique Bat Tattoo Designs

Bat tattoo designs are among the most popular tattoo designs these days. Bat tattoo could be something that a tattoo lover could choose if he or she wants something a bit out of the typical designs. Because of its one of a kind character, more and more tattoo lovers are starting to keen on the design. Just as most creatures inspired tattoos, people who go for bat tattoo usually people who have some kind of admiration towards this particular creature. Bat has great qualities that draw people to admire. This probably what encourage tattoo lover to draw the creature on their body as a reminder of its great qualities.

Bat tattoos have certain meaning and significance. The creature itself has numerous distinct qualities, both positive and negative. When it comes to reasons for choosing bat tattoo, you might think that people would lean toward the positive qualities, yet it’s actually the other way around. More people are leaning toward the negative qualities of the creature when they decide to go for a bat tattoo. That’s why the bat oftentimes shown with obvious evil intent on the tattoo features.

For the tattoo design, many tattoo lovers go for individual bat or a group of bats in realistic look. Even so, there are so much more design possibilities you can choose if you’re interested in this particular tattoo design. If you are thinking of getting a bat tattoo you need to look at all the design possibilities. The ways bats appear when they fly or hang upside down have a great impact on the design. This is something you need to consider looking from the design point of view. Beside the design, it’s important to keep in mind that tattoos are permanent. That’s why you need to get a tattoo that you could live with permanently regardless what the design might be.

#1: Upside down bat hanging on a tree back tattoo

#2: A group of flying bats shoulder tattoo

#3: Black colored flying bats wrist tattoo