100+ Unique Wrist Tattoos Designs and Tips

There are actually some inspirational wrist tattoos that you can implement for your own preference. After all, the tattoo will be your way to show your rebellious side, ideals, belief, and also characteristics. Whereas tattoos on the other side of the body can be hidden or covered, not so much for the wrist tattoos. So, before you choose the design that you want, be sure to think about it carefully and thoroughly.

When it comes to choosing the right wrist tattoos, keep in mind that there are different sides of the wrist area that can be adorned with the tattoos. The regular and general spot is on the inside area of the wrist, close to your palm. However, there are also side wrist tattoos that can be used to show off your designs in the most subtle way. Some people even have a design where the tattoos would go around the wrist, creating a bracelet-like effect. You won’t be able to hide or cover such a tattoo so be sure if you want to choose this particular design for your tattoos. Some designs are meant for different gender wearers. For men, for instance, the common designs include names, crosses, quotations, flames, skulls, Celtic designs, and key holes. For women, the most common designs include the moon and sun, rosary beads, butterflies, fairies, hearts, and flowers.

One handy tip that you can try for your tattoo process is that you should get one when you are happy. Don’t tattoo yourself when you are upset, sad, or angry. Your mood will affect the quality and also the effect of your tattoo. If you are looking for something beautiful and artistic, do it when you are joyful and happy. If you do it when you are upset or angry, it would affect your judgment and the outcome may not be good. So, be sure that you are going through a fun process when choosing the perfect small tattoos designs for yourself.

1. Black and White Half Moon

2. World and Travel Theme in Black

3. Wings and Crowns with Written Form

4. A Matching Pair of Keyhole and Key Tattoo