100+ Inspirational Wrist Tattoos Designs

There are some great female wrist tattoos ideas that any woman can implement for their personal self. Having the wrist tattoo isn’t easy in reality. For a starter, the process in the making will be quite painful, considering that the wrist contains sensitive nerves and soft tissues. When the machine starts working, then you should feel the pain right away. It’s not the excruciating type of pain, but when compared to making tattoos in other areas of your body, it is definitely more uncomfortable and painful. But if you are able to choose the right design, the pain and the discomfort are worth your efforts.

Why the wrist anyway? Why would you risk the pain and the discomfort to have an image tattooed there? First of all, the wrist is the part of the body where you can conceal as well as showing off your tattoo at the same time. Most people would choose their inner side of the wrist, concealing it from the world. But once you are active or when your hands are busy doing something, you will flash your small tattoos design on wrist – something that you can do elegantly without being too cheesy. It’s a cool thing, right? Second, having the tattoo there is somewhat sweet and personal. Of course, you should limit the size as the area isn’t too wide or big. But again, there are tons of great ideas and designs for your tattoo inspiration that you can implement for your own sake.

Some women are being clever about their wrist tattoos. They create a bracelet-like image that will make the tattoo look like a bracelet. They don’t need to use the bracelet anymore, thanks to the tattoo. In some designs, you can even combine your tattoo and the bracelet so they will create a harmonious outcome. So, what do you think about the wrist bracelet tattoos idea?

1. Red Rose on the Inner Arm

2. A Curved 8 Figure Arrow

3. Simple Black and White Elephant Head

4. A Compass of a Travel on the Wrist